Is OnKobo a scam?
No, OnKobo is not a scam. We split the commission we receive from our partners with our members

How do I contact your customer support team?
You can contact us by sending a quick message to hello@onkobo.com. We guaranteed a 48 hour response time.

Do I need to pay to use OnKobo.com?
Not at all. You do not have to pay anything for using OnKobo.com

How do I make a purchase using OnKobo?
It's really simple to use OnKobo.
Login/ Sign up to your OnKobo account. If you are a first time user – we strongly recommend you read
How It Works .Once you are logged-in, click a link to your favourite store or deal as displayed on OnKobo.
That's all on your side. Your transaction will be tracked and you should be notified in 1-4 days. Once we confirm your purchase, we credit your OnKobo wallet with corresponding cashback%. Keep all the email confirmations and documents from the retailer, in case you need to submit the information to claim a missing cashback.

Where do I start after signing up?
It is highly recommended that you start your ride with OnKobo by going to How It Works

How do I change my password and other profile settings?
Visit your profile to change your password.

How does the cash back process work?
OnKobo has partnered with your favourite stores to ease your shopping experience.
When we send quality consumers to the merchant, merchants pay commission to OnKobo for all qualified purchases. Instead of keeping the commission with us, we send back major portion of the earned commission to you, rewarding you awesomely for shopping. There could be no better way to save for your next shopping trip.

How do I make sure that I am earning cash back?
In order to qualify for cashback earnings, you must start your shopping session by logging in to your OnKobo account. After login, click a link to your favourite store or deal as displayed on OnKobo. You must also make sure that your browser cookies are enabled to allow tracking of your purchases. If you still experience issues, you can contact us and we will try our best to get you your earnings back.

How long it typically takes to track any transaction?
OnKobo updates the earnings information as soon as the transaction approval is received from the merchant. It typically takes anywhere from a few hours to a few days to show your cashback earnings in your profile.

Do I need cookies enabled? Why?
Yes – Cookies help us track your purchases made at the participating merchant store. We can then update your wallet with your earned cashback.

What does different status messages mean?
Pending - Your transaction has been tracked and reported to us by the retailer. The retailer now needs to confirm this transaction.
Confirmed - Your transaction value can now be paid to you subject to the minimum payout threshold of N3000.
 Paid- This is the amount for which you have requested payment and includes all previous payment claims for the retailer.

How and when do you pay your members?
Usually it takes a few days to track member purchases and we update them on the member’ s account as "Pending". Within 30 to 45 days of the purchase, the merchant reports the approval of the cash back and pay commission to OnKobo. As soon as we get the payment from the merchant, we report the earnings as "Confirmed", which can be requested by the member anytime they want. There is no fix time in a month when we pay all the members. You can request a payment instantly once you hit threshold.

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